Chess + Arduino = CHESSuino

Arduino CHESS project

How to play chess with ARDUINO?
EASY ... here you can see how to play chess with ARDUINO in three very single steps.

FIRST STEP - Get the components

SECOND STEP - Assembly and test
1.- Connect the speaker to the GND and pin 2 in the ARDUINO MEGA board.
2.- Put the LCD keypad shield over ARDUINO
3.- Use the LCD_and_beep.ino
program to test the hardware

THIRD STEP - Upload program & play Load the project in your ARDUINO IDE.
Change the configurations for buttons and LCD
Upload the program

Play chess using the left/right & up/down buttons to set the first coordinate. Press select to set the second coordinate and finally press select again to execute the movement.
ARDUINO thinks and answer a movement that is showed in the right side.

If you want to check the board just press SELECT button in a empty entry coordinate. The LCD display the pieces in the board actually.

The video illustrates the previous process.

/* Ported chess program to Arduino MEGA by Diego Cueva. Based on:          */
/*                   micro-Max,       version 4.8                          */
/* A chess program smaller than 2KB (of non-blank source), by H.G. Muller  */
/* Port to Atmel ATMega644 and AVR GCC, by Andre Adrian                    */
/* Quito junio 2014        Ecuador                                         */

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